“My work is as much about emotional responses as it is about place.”

I am a landscape artist, based in rural Aberdeenshire, northeast Scotland. I am constantly striving to represent what it feels like to be within the wild and remote places where I have been fortunate to spend much of my life.

I rely on direct observation for inspiration, spending time walking, looking and allowing the feel of those places to soak into my bones. I sketch and take photos to help fix these memories. Then I return to the studio, put the sketchbooks and photos away and take time to allow those landscapes to re-emerge as they see fit. As well as representing these places, I am also exploring the connection between them and my inner self. My work is therefore as much about my emotional responses as it is about place.

I paint primarily with watercolours – a medium I love for its luminosity, immediacy and its unpredictability. There is a constant tension between control and release when painting with watercolour. The whole thing is thrilling.